Saturday, March 31, 2012

292/365- Geek characteristics

Are you a geek?
If not sure, why don't you take the test?

Do you work in IT and when you go home, you go straight to your computer?
Do you wear black-rimmed glasses and T-shirts with geek in-jokes?
Do you fix your own computer?
Did you build a computer, at least once?
Are your friends, family and friends inviting you over, and when you get there, they ask you to fix their computers?
Is the computer your best friend?
Do you cosplay?
Are you into Anime?
Are you a fan of Star Wars?
Do you get the movie "The matrix?" and you love it?
Are you an adult and own a light saber?
Do you keep old computer parts and media like floppy and zip disks?
Do you still own a copy of windows 3.1?
Have you ever attended comic conventions?
How about The Renascence fair?
Is "high water pants" and white socks part of your style?
Do you have PC and Apple products?
Do you own more then 2 game consoles?
Are at least 2 of your game consoles the same brand, different version? (For exeample: Xbox, xbox 360)
Do you watch all movies based on games and comic books?

If you are still reading this and not bored, you might be a geek.
If you answered YES to all of the above, you are a true geek....
The stereotypes are totally true!

*I am proud to be a geek, cause geeks are unique and cool!!! :)
*This picture was taken with the IPhone and edited with the IPad for the Iphone365 project and for the Flickr group Our Daily Challenge ODC- STEREOTYPE.
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