Tuesday, November 8, 2011

144/365- Key Matrix

144/365- Key Matrix by elineart
144/365- Key Matrix, a photo by elineart on Flickr.

What lies beneath your keyboard?

The key matrix that connects all keys inside most keyboards, has a single sensor for each key, laid out in a grid with a crazy pattern of between them.

The inside of the keyboard is like a mini-computer and consists of a processor and circuits. These transfer the information to the processor inside of the computer. Inside of the keyboard's processor resides the key matrix. The key matrix is a grid of circuits. These circuits are individually placed under each key. When a key is pushed, it pushes the switch on the circuit board underneath the key causing an electrical current to pass through the circuit and into the processor. When the current passes through, the switch vibrates, signaling the processor to read it.

If you would like to read more about this, you can find it here or here
This picture was taken and edited with the Iphone for the Iphone365 project and for the Flickr group Our Daily Challenge ODC- Connections.
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