Wednesday, April 17, 2013

97:365 Repercussions

97:365 Repercussions by elineart
97:365 Repercussions, a photo by elineart on Flickr.

So...This is my fictitious album cover. If I were to have a band it would sound pretty much like Evanescence or Flyleaf. With me being the lead singer (of course...) and sometimes with me as a drummer or keyboard player... (I actually used to play piano long time ago, now I only play the keyboard on my computer). :P
Anyways, my band would be called "Resonance" or "Via crucis", and we would be on the top charts today! Our current hit would be called "repercussions", and I would have many awards and would be hosting SNL this upcoming Saturday, and would probably be currently working on my acting career.... :)

Dare to dream !!!
*This picture was taken and edited with the IPhone Iphone365 project and for the Flickr group Our Daily Challenge ODC - ALBUM COVER.
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