Friday, January 27, 2012

227/365- Private rainbow

227/365- Private rainbow by elineart
227/365- Private rainbow, a photo by elineart on Flickr.

The other day, I was laying down on my living room floor, NOT BORED AT ALL, staring at the ceiling, trying to find images on the ceiling popcorn... (this is as much fun as finding images in the clouds... you should try this super fun indoor activity!)

Anyhow... as I was finding interesting images on the ceiling popcorn, suddenly, I discovered this colorful ray of light and started looking for where the beautiful reflection was coming from.... At a certain point I started laughing at my self because I was waiving my hands towards the ceiling, climbing chairs, trying to block the reflection to figure out where it was coming from. (Good thing I was alone and no one saw this. Which makes no sense making a public announcement describing this on the internet for the whole world to know... It is quite embarrassing...)

Anyways, I looked for several minutes and finally realized it was coming from the glass of the peephole on my front door!

The interesting thing is that every day, at certain time of the afternoon, the sun reflects through the peephole and creates this beautiful ray of light! My own private rainbow... :)

*This picture was taken and edited with the Iphone for the Iphone365 project, for the Flickr group CWD group. Week 259 Assignment: cwd2591 ~ Complementary colors.
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